the ups and downs

There’s been a change in Dad over the last few weeks. I’ve been expecting it but it’s difficult nonetheless. Watching a decline in someone you love isn’t the easiest thing in the world but we try as best we can. It’s all there is. Finding coping mechanisms that work without dragging me into an ever … Continue reading the ups and downs

quality of life

I arrived to find Dad sitting on the floor in front of his bookcase sorting through his dvd collection. Browsing and looking.  Trying to remember if he’d watched them at all, never mind recently.  Apart from The Quiet Man, Erin Brockovich, Colombo’s greatest hits, Russell Watson and a variety of Danielle Steele nonsense that is.  … Continue reading quality of life

Mr Happy

Father’s Day and time for random presents! What do you get someone who has every John Wayne movie ever made and whose love of Acker Bilk isn’t what it used to be; has watched Catherine Cookson classics to the point of boredom, whose wardrobe is fit to bursting its doors, who has three pairs of … Continue reading Mr Happy


For sure our lives can be made better by the presence of others.  We’re conscious of the difference certain people make and are thankful that they happen to be in the world at the same time we are. Coincidence or maybe it was always meant to be this way.  I like to think the latter. … Continue reading conversations