the perfect waste of time

4 thoughts on “the perfect waste of time”

  1. Thank you, Avril , for your honesty. You write so well. I do hope you continue with blogging. I have walked a similar path, which ended last April. Dementia is not a welcome travelling companion, but you found the good in it. Well done. I pray your memories, and the devotion you undoubtedly displayed, comfort and sustain you, and that your life in this next phase is long, happy and healthy.

  2. Yes thank you indeed Avril. I know this has been the hardest blog entry but this is the right time to share these reflections and beliefs. I am sure that your dad is very proud of these memories and thoughts so eloquently shared.

  3. Beautifully written Avril, you were always good with literature. Some lovely memories to hold dear. Every Blessing.Anne x

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