porridge and stuff

3 thoughts on “porridge and stuff”

  1. I agree that person centered care is the absolute utopia that we should strive for in caring for our elderly (and young ones). I loved your fantasy monolog from your father’s point of view and your comment about the tuesday perm and set.

    The other side of the coin is resources, fiscal and emotional. It simply takes less money to send a carer from one patient to another making sure each is dressed, fed and medicated like an assembly line than to wait and cater to each. It would be so lovely if we could somehow strike a balance where we could honor individuality and still get all the needs of our elderly met efficiently.

    Something to ponder.

  2. I really loved and was moved by this. I think falling in to other people’s routines must be hard to adapt to, although that said I know too that gratitude and low energy can play a part in accepting the help.

    How care will be resourced to give a truly personalised service is almost impossible to imagine, as is support for us all to understand our parents’ needs and yet I will continue to campaign for. There must be small things we can all do to try and improve things for people like our Dads and us too.

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