4 thoughts on “realisation”

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing that.My mother-in-law is at the same stage and I get a bit frustrated with the amount of time my wife (who does not keep that well) puts in to looking after her mother

  2. So pleased to have found your blog.

    Oddly, my Mum tells me quite frequently that we both need to get back on our horses and drink our milk”.. What is it with Dementia and John Wayne!

    I really was moved by your writing.


  3. Thank you for posting this. I have worked in the care sector with the elderly and have a friend who is suffering from vascular dementia. Hopefully, blogs like this will show the human side to all affected by dementia. Often, Joe Public forgets this.

  4. Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

    It’s incredibly difficult trying to juggle so many things while doing your best for someone you think deserves your care and attention. It’s not the first time I’ve been told that I need to look after myself. I’m guessing your wife is the same. If she doesn’t keep that great it’s understandable why you’re frustrated. A priority for me has been to get the right care package in place. It hasn’t been without its challenges and it’s taking time but we’re getting there. Meanwhile, like thousands of other carers (including your wife) I need to keep juggling but not be afraid to ask for help!

    All I can say is thank God for John Wayne. When my son and I visited Dad last night he was watching ‘True Grit’ and we got hooked!

    Mrs Gerbil
    It was never my intention to make Dad’s mental or physical health the focus but always to show the human side, the person, amidst the goings on and practicalities. While these things need to be seen to they are very much in the background. This means I don’t get bogged down with what Dad can’t do but am able to focus on what he is able to do and enjoy. It’s not about denial or being ignorant of the realities, it’s about being hopeful, rethinking recovery and believing that there’s no reason why Dad can’t have a meaningful life.

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